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Little Something Extra’s products are made to order and in house.
We will be happy to take your order weeks in advance of your event, but we do require orders to be placed NO LATER than 48 hours prior to the event. A rush fee will be added to orders not placed with 48 hours notice.

Breakfast Trays, Coffee Cakes and Coffee Containers————Page 2
Cakes, Cookie Cakes and Cupcakes—————————–Pages 3 & 4
Cookies by the pound, and Decorated——————————-Page 5
Dessert Trays and Tarts—————–Page 6
Donuts—————–Page 7
Other Desserts & Decorative Upgrades———————–Page 8

Breakfast Trays, Coffee Cakes and Coffee Containers

Small Breakfast Tray (Feeds 10-12 people) ————$30
Large Breakfast Tray (Feeds 16-18 people) ————$52

*All trays include a variety of our daily products. Prices are subject to change if more of a certain item is requested*

Coffee Cakes———-$16

*Various flavors available*

96oz Box of Coffee (Serves 8-12 people) ———— $18

*Includes cups, stirrers, creamer, and sugar*

Cakes, Cupcakes, and Cookie Cakes

*The prices listed include the price of the cake (chocolate or vanilla) or cookie cake and frosting (chocolate or vanilla) *
*Additional decorations, other techniques used, or additional flavors will result in additional charges. *

6 Inch Cake ———-$15

8 Inch Cake ———–$19

Half Sheet 11×15———- $35


Cupcakes by the dozen ———-$22

*Minimum order is one dozen. This price includes the cupcake with frosting. Additional decorations or other techniques used will result in additional charges. *

Cookie Cakes

Cookie Cakes ———-$15-$18

Cookies by the pound, decorated cookies

Cookies by the pound———-$9.75/LB

Cookies available by the pound:

Chocolate Chip, Sugar, Shortbread, Peanut Butter, Dark Forest, Lemon Thumbprint, Mexican Wedding Cake, Oatmeal, Gluten FRIENDLY Chocolate Chip, and Cranberry.

Decorated Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing———-$18/Dozen

*Additional decorations will result in additional charges*
*Please note- Orders for cookies with royal icing MUST be placed with at least 72 hours notice. This ensures quality cookies and dry icing.*
*Minimum order 1 Dozen*

Dessert Trays & Tarts

Small Dessert Tray (Serves 10-12 people) ———-$35+
Large Dessert Tray (Serves 15-18 people) ———-$55+

*All trays include a variety of products. Prices are subject to change if certain items are requested*


(Ask us about our flavors!)


Dozen Cake Donuts ———-$14
Dozen Brioche Donuts ———–$17
Dozen Assorted ———- $17
Dozen Mini Brioche ———– $9

Other Desserts

Dozen Chocolate Covered Pretzels———-$15
Dozen Cake Pops———-$21

*+$3 for product individually wrapped*

Brownie Tray———-$36
Rice Krispy Tray———-$25

Decorative Upgrades

Each upgrade will be priced per order

Edible Paper

White Chocolate art

Edible Glitter Dust (See cookie page)